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     After all the effort of finding a cleaning company, I am now happy to suggest HackneyMarshesCarpetCleaners as the go to firm when it comes to getting your house cleaned. After trying out a few and ignoring some which were simply overpriced and had too little expertise, we settled on a company who we felt delivered the best mix of everything. And that's certainly what we got. I can't remember ever having a cleaner home and they manage to make sure that their efforts suit our needs in every single way. When it comes to cleaning, they're the best.
Amy Townsend04/06/2014
     I must say that I hired HackneyMarshesCarpetCleaners as a one-off to begin with but having seen their amazing work I had to book another slot. I could seriously get used to this kind of service it's like a dream allowing the professionals into my home and doing all of the jobs I hate. Seriously guys if you feel your home needs a major spring clean, you cannot go wrong with this company because what they do is remarkable. Don't blame me if you get hooked though, they do have that effect on you! I'll try not to be greedy and stick to monthly slots though!

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